Through MOTIV8R, David has extensive experience delivering coaching and training programs to both Jobseekers and Job Network providers around Australia.

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David Dixon is the Motiv8r and experienced job coach...

motiv8r coaching

MOTIV8R Coaching is an effective and proven client centered coaching method that encourages and supports long-term change in individuals.

It works by drawing out and sustaining an individual’s own motivation for change.

A MOTIV8R Coach gently guides the client towards considering change by drawing out how present behaviour conflicts with longer term values or goals. This is achieved by gently highlighting and reflecting back inconsistencies or discrepancies in what the client has said.

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About DaVID

David has a Certificate 4 in Training and Workplace Assessment and is a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

David is passionate about self-improvement and helping people be the best they can be.  David has achieved outstanding success assisting Jobseekers into employment and making positive long-term changes in their lives.

David's real skill lies in his ability to quickly build rapport and trust with a wide range of people.

He is both an engaging and skilled coach/facilitator with developed communication skills. He believes in giving people a 'good listening to' rather than a 'good talking to'. He earns the respect of the people he works with through his genuine empathy and non-judgmental attitude.

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​The key to MOTIV8R Coaching is not so much in motivating others but in planting the seeds for building self-motivation. Without self-motivation little progress is made. With self-motivation all manner of things can be achieved, which may have seemed impossible before.

MOTIV8R training works with clients to build the self-motivation and desire to;

  • Want to change
  • Believe they can change
  • Believe they will change

MOTIV8R is an approach in which change is much more likely to occur because the coach;

  • Focuses on building rapport
  • Makes a genuine effort to understand the unique client
  • Builds Self-Determination
  • Develops Self-Motivation


Jobs4Tas Workshops

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